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Rabbit Lane - West Vancouver Full Home Renovation

Project Details

Location: West Vancouver


Type: Full Home Renovation



  • Custom Cabinetry by Cornerstone Kitchens

  • Hardwood flooring

  • Full Exterior upgrade

  • Bedrooms with Built-In Cabinetry

  • 2 Full Bathrooms


Project Overview:

This Full Home interior and exterior renovation, in the beautiful area of West Vancouver involved bringing the entire home back to the framing and starting fresh.  We renovated the entire space including the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, guest bedroom and den. Our client’s focus was to completely renovate the space and make it more functional, as well as modern. As with all condo renovations we were limited in terms of layout, but we were however able to make major improvements that substantially increased the size, and function of the home. 

After the demolition was completed, we were able to raise the height of the ceiling in most areas almost by 2 feet, and in some areas by 4 feet. This probably had the largest impact on the space, which was transformational.

Secondly, the client invested in custom cabinetry in all areas of the condo, and this not only enhanced the beauty of the space, but also maximized storage and utility in all the rooms. We especially like the Murphy bed in the den, and the built-in cabinetry in the bathroom and bedrooms. Almost all of the client’s belongings have a space out-of-the-way that enhances the modern-minimal feel of the renovation.

Some of the special features of this renovation in West Vancouver were the built-in closets, the  the Brizio faucets in the bathroom, the polished concrete floors, and the Mural of wallpaper in the bathroom.


Before & During Construction

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