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At Sitka Coast Construction, we believe that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.  It is the focal point of everyday living and entertaining, where family and friends gather, create delicious food and make lasting memories.

Current modern kitchen designs are more stylish than ever, while also providing maximum function and use of available space. If your kitchen lacks functionality, the cabinets, counter tops and fixtures are outdated, or maybe just the overall style is in need of updating, Sitka Coast Construction can help. We are dedicated to bringing your dream kitchen to life. From start to finish, leave it to us to design and construct your new kitchen in no time. Our skilled team of professionals will make your kitchen renovation process easy, seamless and enjoyable.

In all of our years of kitchen renovations in North Vancouver, no client has ever regretted remodelling their kitchen.  You can rely on Sitka to provide only the highest quality work, everytime.



At Sitka, we offer a full-service approach to take the stress out of your project.  You share your vision with us and we will take it from there. From start to finish, leave it to us to design and construct your new kitchen in no time. Our skilled team of professionals will make your kitchen renovation process easy, seamless and enjoyable. Our meticulous,  intricate and replicable process ensures every project runs seamlessly from start to finish. We are well suited to provide kitchen renovation services that include an extensive range of design and planning guidance as well as all construction and installation work. From layout and configuration, no detail is overlooked.  From cabinets and counter tops, to lighting and flooring, and every finishing touch in between.

We are very proud to work on a Fixed-Pricing system.  Using this model we are able to ensure the fastest possible timelines.  During the pre-construction phase we are able to finalize the project before construction begins. This approach allows us to confirm all prices, including labour costs and materials, and eliminate hidden charges for unnecessary change orders or incorrect orders. We place great emphasis on the design phase, especially if your renovation involves moving walls or changing layouts. Whether you’re investing in a kitchen renovation, full home renovation or home addition, our architectural and interior designers ensure your home’s style is cohesive and aligns with your vision.

We love working where we live and are committed to helping building a better North Vancouver community for all.



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At Sitka Coast Construction, we pride ourselves on making the Kitchen renovation process as seamless as possible for our clients.  From our first meet and greet phone call we will discuss your project as a whole, establish goals and key values you have for your project and discuss early stages of the budget.


It is important for us to understand your 'why' for the project so that we can keep that as top priority throughout the renovation as problems and issues may arise.

From here, we will take measurements and pictures of the space and provide an estimated rough construction budget range for the project.

We will then discuss your project with Designers, Architects and Engineers, create a scope of work for initial design and present our Pre-Construction Proposal for all preliminary work required.  Once approved we will proceed to the Design and Construction planning process, create and finalize Building permit plans, enter into a formal construction agreement contract,  and apply for and receive the building permit.

Throughout the construction process we schedule key milestone meetings to review and discuss project as it moves through schedule.

When you take Sitka on as your contractor, we consider you our partner for life.  We are proud to offer an above industry standard warranty period of two years.  But if anything should ever arise past that date we will always help you to find a solution.


Have you been contemplating a  kitchen renovation for a while?  The kitchen is the heart of the home, so updating this space brings benefits beyond having a nice-looking room. The truth is that renovating your kitchen has many benefits. You will likely cook more meals at home. Have friends and family over on a regular basis. Enjoy moments of deep conversation and laughter. 


In a housing market like North Vancouver, a Kitchen remodel is a sure-fire investment that you will see great returns on your investment.

A Kitchen remodel will improve functionality  and eliminate daily inconveniences.  Above all else, you want a kitchen that functions for your needs. It is important to create a space that works for your family.  Whether that means a large table for gathering, or more counter space for meal prep, it is up to you and your family's specific needs.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you design your dream kitchen

  • Do you work with a Designer / can you refer me to a designer or do I need to hire my own?
    We have relationships with some of the industry's best architects, designers and consultants and we are happy to provide this service within our scope of work. We also offer inhouse design assistance during the pre-construction phase.
  • How does the permit process work?
    We will create and finalize Building permit plans including Architecturals, Structural Plans and Design Plans as well as submit complete Building Permit Application on behalf of our client, sign all paperwork and pay city fees for release of building permit. The entire process can take around 4 weeks to apply for the permit
  • How long does a full home renovation typically take?
    Depending on the scope of the project, it could take between 2 - 8 months for an interior renovation. It could take longer
  • On a sq ft basis what does a renovation typically cost?
    SQ FT costs are an inaccurate way to budget for a renovation. They are used for very preliminary budgeting work only. We focus on achieving an accurate scope of work and plans for the project so we can provide a project cost to our clients with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Do I need to move out of my house during the renovation process?
    Depending on the scope of work and if you are renovating your entire home all at once, you may not be able to live in your space while the renovations are taking place. It is always recommended for a full renovation that you find alternate accommodation as this will give you the best project experience possible. In which case we are happy to assist you in finding accommodations.
  • Can I see samples of your past work?
    Yes absolutely. Click here to see photos of our past projects.
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